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Welcome to DMU Nights

codeWell, DMU Nights is finally up and running. Plenty of you have been asking us for weeks now, where are the photos?!? I’m sorry; We’ve been busy building this new site you see here. We learned a lot when we launched and saw how many of you were looking forward to viewing the new photos and event news every week. With such a high demand we knew we had to develop a better system for viewing photos, and giving our customers a better online experience. DMU Nights brings forth a whole new realm of possibilities for us, and our customers. Customers can now create their very own profiles and interact with us, and other members, right on the site. You can also find out about our latest events, and purchase tickets right online! We still have some finishing touches, but overall we think the site has come out fantastic, and we’re really happy with it. Tell us what you think about the new website!