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How DMU Nights should look

We’ve been hard at work making sure everything is working properly on DMU Nights. To ensure everyone can use the site we have to test the site on all browsers and platforms, to test for maximum compatibility. While developing the site we added some really fantastic features, but some of these new features don’t work well in Internet Explorer 6, IE 6. We’ve included a few screen shots to demonstrate what the website looks like in IE 6, and what it should look like when viewed with a modern web browser.

Internet Explorer 6

This is what it shouldn’t look like.


This is what it should look like.

If DMU Nights looks like the first image, you should upgrade your web browser. You’re running an older version of Internet Explorer, or another dated browser, that doesn’t support the more advance features available on DMU Nights. If you’d like help upgrading Internet Explorer, click here. If you’d like to use another browser which we highly recommend, check out Firefox. Firefox is not only safer then IE but faster, and offers advance features which are not currently available in IE. Either way, upgrading your browser or using Firefox will insure you can properly view DMU Nights, and potentially other sites may look and feel better as well. Browsing the internet with older browsers leaves you vulnerable to viruses and spyware. We apologize for any inconvenience. Upgrading will not only be beneficial when viewing DMU Nights, but will ultimately offer a better internet experience, we promise!

2 thoughts on “How DMU Nights should look

  1. Thanks computer guy! Knowing is half the battle!

  2. Your welcome, shop/door girl

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